Heart Failure has been recognized to be an inflammatory disease for over 20 years. However, several attempts to use immunomodulation to prevent and treat heart failure have failed,  due to toxicity or lack of efficacy.   i-Cordis brings together a world-class team of cardiac immunologists and drug development experts to harvest the power of immunomodulation and address what is arguably the current greatest unmet need in cardiology: Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction.   In order to overcome the issues faced by prior teams, i-Cordis is deliberately using recent insights in cardiac immunology to optimize a marketed drug, pirfenidone. Pirfenidone is arguably the most extensively studied immunomodulatory drug with cardioprotective effects. Its cardioprotective effects have been documented in 3 different preclinical species across multiple models of cardiac dysfunction in works reported in > 30 peer-reviewed publications. Recently it has also been studied in humans in phase II clinical trials.  i-Cordis is leveraging the know-how of its team to eliminate pirfenidone's drawbacks and develop a new molecular entity that is well poised to revolutionize the treatment of HFpEF. 

i-Cordis has received funding from the NHLBI SBIR Program.